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Paola Lenti presents the book “Weaving Spaces” to celebrate the 20 years of the Companyʼs activity

On Thursday, 27th November Paola Lenti presented the book WEAVING SPACES, edited by Corraini Edizioni to celebrate the 20 years of the Companyʼs activity. The presentation took place at Nonostante Marras venue, that for this special occasion was set up with Paola Lenti seating originally interpreted with unusual colour combinations chosen by Antonio Marras himself: a casual meeting has led to an unique cooperation, to an artistic exchange between two ways of conceiving the harmony of beauty.

The fabrics choice and the design experimentation always poised between tradition and innovation, have become the hallmark of all the creations of Paola Lenti, a company where artistic design and craftwork come together in a mutual digression, a continual matching of skills, methods and experiences. WEAVING SPACES examines, through suggestions and visual associations, the key-concepts of an unique approach to design. The idea of giving visibility to beauty and harmony is visually and tactually reflected in the graphics and appearance of the book. Linked by "Lenti's thread", the concepts expand into images and reflections, forming a canvas, a multidisciplinary fabric full of ideas.

This book describes the interweaving of colours that mix with the principles of perspective, of form that interacts with the eye, of light that blends with the shades of materials. But above all it describes a design, a project made of the stuff of dreams, in which skilled hands have given geometric precision, shape, proportion, concrete essence to the visible. info: cm 28 x 30,5 | limp bound | 168 pages| Text in italian and english | 50,00 euro | ISBN 978-88-7570-464-3 You can buy it online here Information & images by courtesy of Paola Lenti Read more news related Paola Lenti published at Infurma Visit the Paola Lenti website
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