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Out Line, versatility and timelessness for this outdoor collection by Expormim

In this new world, our way of living has changed and there is no longer a clear distinction between indoors and outdoors. Instead there is a redistribution of everyday space. An equally as linear and immediate project was born based on this thought: Out Line. It is a collection presented by Expormim suitable for any kind of space and any kind of use, included in the Outdoor 2012 catalogue as the DELTA selection. The particular formula of this collection designed by Nieves Contreras permits us to create fluid and elegant shapes, whilst maintaining some surprising benefits within the panoramas ‘domestic’ and ‘contract’. These are pieces with great visual lightness thanks to a structure made of steel tube, which gives them a graphic, fluid and embracing silhouette. The shape is completed with rods made out of the same material, or hand-woven nautical rope. Out Line can in this way provide a multitude of versions of the same product. The collection consists of armchair, bench, stool and chair. The structure is made of steel with a two-layer finish of zinc paint and polyester powder, which gives the furniture excellent characteristics, both in the mechanical sense and in the outdoor sense, mainly due to the zinc treatment used. The collection is available in white, black and has also been extended with a new colour, brown. To ‘dress’ the steel tubes there is the option of 6 mm steel rods, or a fabric finish using high-resistance polyester rope (6 mm or 24 mm in diameter) available in white, grey, black and now also in an appealing taupe colour. It is a combination characterised by versatility and customisation. Out Line manages to give any space a weightless elegance that is transmitted to the rest of the space. Find what best combines with your own style – any combination will offer a bonus in the form of functional sophistication. With Out Line, Expormim continues to surprise us with their outdoor furniture. Read more news related Expormim published at Infurma Visit the Expormim website Visit the Expormim sheet at Infurma
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