Ora Ïto designed Ico for Cassina, a tribute to 814 chair created by Ico Parisi in 1950

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Simplexity, the art of giving apparent simplicity to an object with a complex workmanship. A definition by Ora Ito for the Ico chair. It's representative of the values that Cassina still maintains today. A combination of wood craftsmanship and technological innovation. It is the essence of the concept MedaMade. 1_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito_group The project, developed over more than two years with the French designer Ora Ito, has completely centred the equilibrium between craft and industry, style and experimentation. Ico clearly references Cassina’s heritage and in particular the 814 chair designed by Ico Parisi in 1950; the chair’s name pays tribute to this historical model. A chair that has been invigorated by Ora Ito’s dynamism to form an instantly recognisable contour. 6_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito_couple_MG_7833A new definition of the archetypal chair The ‘techno-organic’ nature of the chair, intended as inspired by industrial/ technical elements, has been developed in close collaboration with the Cassina Research and Development team who have painstakingly studied the engineering and construction of each component of this apparently simple design using the most advanced expertise. The base, made entirely of solid wood, is representative of the brand’s ability to industrialise sinuous yet complex forms through the perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology. This element is characterised by refined joinery, traditional carpentry and the use of sophisticated, latest generation, numerical control milling machines with 5 axes. However, the chair’s comfort is not sacrificed for technology. Ico’s curved wooden frame is accompanied by careful upholstery work: soft inserts upholstered in fabric or leather are enriched with stitching details from the end of the armrest to the backrest, a functional and also aesthetic choice. Ico is available in 4 open pore matt finishes, (natural ash-wood or ash-wood stained black, walnut or red) making the piece extremely versatile for all kinds of architectural settings. 7_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito_detail2_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito3_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito4_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito5_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito Thanks to the chair’s low armrests, Ico fits perfectly around the dining table. 9_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito_amb8_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito_ambRead more news related Ora Ïto published at Infurma Visit the Ora Ïto website Visit the Cassina website
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