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Exhibition opening “From Valencia with Design”. The Valencian design most international

The exhibition "From Valencia with Design" (FVWD) is an unmissable event with most international Valencian design. Organized by the Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana (ADCV) and Las Naves-Espacio de Creación Contemporánea, this international travelling exhibition will make its first stop in Valencia. In the exhibition you can see the projects that designers and design studios from Valencia, all ADCV partners, have developed for foreign companies such as Ikea, Toyota, Audi, Flos or Muji, among others. FVWD aims to note an unknown reality for many people as the internationalization of Valencian design. This is reflected in the variety and quality of the projects included in the show, which includes pieces from diverse sectors, from automotive to cosmetics, furniture, lighting or toys, not to mention the development aid works. A journey that makes clear the identity of Valencian design characterized by its rigorous, imagination and Mediterranean feel. Promotional video about FVWD Exhibition:

Another FVWD content, reflecting the design professionals from Valencia prestige and recognition they have achieved in the international scope, is the collection of outstanding activities performed outside of Spain, and foreign awards received over time. The exhibition opens on March 7 at 19.00. on Las Naves (C/ Juan Verdeguer, 16) and will be open until May 25. After the Valencia exhibition, FVWD starts an international tour visiting different cities in Europe, Asia and America. Participating in this exhibition includes the following designers and design studios from Valencia: EDUARDO ALBORS, RAFA ARMERO, MANOLO BAÑÓ, INMA BERMÚDEZ, VÍCTOR CARRASCO, CONCA&MARZAL, CULDESAC, NARCÍS DÍEZ BELMONTE, JORGE DIEZ, RAMÓN ESTEVE, ESTUDI HAC, ESTUDIO BASCUÑÁN (col. A BALIUS), FIGUEROLA + GALLÉN, BORJA GARCÍA, PEPE GIMENO, JORGE HERRERA, IBÁN RAMÓN + DÍDAC BALLESTER, JUANICO, KIITOS DESIGN, LAVERNIA+CIENFUEGOS, MAKEA TU VIDA, ÁNGEL MARTÍNEZ, JUAN MARTINEZ, MIGUEL MOLINA, XIMO ROCA, HECTOR SERRANO, CARLOS TÍSCAR, VOLTIO y YONOH. The exhibition is curated by Carlos Tíscar, and exhibition and graphic design is done by Yonoh. Source: ADCV Visit the ADCV website
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