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Nueva Línea reinforces its collection Atmósfera, designed by Abad Studio

Atmósfera is a different way to create home: singular, young, natural and carefree. Abad has completed this collection, born one year ago, receiving a warm welcome. If in that occasion younger solutions were developed (junior and university), the goal this time has been to promote the solution Loft, which tries to provide a new approach to the main residence. The work has been focused on the development of a box system and the creation of a dining room table, with the aim of giving response to the area during the day.   Through the box system we can create all kind of storage solutions: sideboards, shelves, furniture for hall and living room. With a neutral aesthetics, these boxes, hanging or resting against each other through numerous sizes, colors and woods, allow the user an easy customization. In the dining room table, the feature of its inclined bases adds freshness and dynamism. Besides, the round version is available in multiple oval shapes, with options to be fixed or expandable. For a more specific character, we have created handles and bases with a very personal aesthetics adding greater singularity. All without losing Atmósfera’s core values: A mixture of uses, shapes, finishes creating very natural and vivid ambiences, far from minimalist and beautician proposals, promoting, above all, singularity against uniformity. Visit the Abad website Visit the Nueva Línea website
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