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Novelties by Design Studio Front for Porro Company

Masters in the art to surprise, to change the normal perspective through the use of mirrors and images, the Swedish designers Front at their fourth year of co-operation with Porro are at present completing their product range, creating small ambiences inside the wide Porro product collection. The new Chameleon unit is a magic volume, constantly opening on itself as the game of the Chinese boxes, changing appearance and revealing new finishes. To be used as a container for the bedroom or the living, it consists of a central pear wood crate, a very soft essence with a gentle rosy color, equipped with drawers and shelves and covered by precious leather layers, which used as hinges, allows it to turn and be revolved as a suitcase or a bag, changing its colour and look according to the specific mood. Stolen from a fairy tale, coming out from a children book, the result of an open-eye dream, the Gentle chair reinterprets the archetype of the chair, with modern, clean and purified shaped. If apparently it stands out as a continuous tread, a continuous drawing without removing the pencil from the paper, in reality it hides a complex project, matching the metal covered with soft leather to the wood and to the upholstered seat, in a subtle game of opposites. With a two-colour optical effect, a graphical and retro touch, two different colours, not to annoy, in a chic matching. Porro will show these novelties at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, in an space located at Pavillion 7, Stand D-15, E-18.  Read more news related with Porro published at Infurma Visit the Porro website Visit the Porro sheet at Infurma Visit the Front website
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