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Novelties 2016 by Ondarreta for imm cologne and Maison&Objet

Spanish company Ondarreta will be exhibiting at imm Cologne and Maison&Objet Paris shows during the month of January 2016. Therein also shows Jorge Pensi’s new design for Ondarreta, a series of huge expansions to the latest, recently- introduced designs that have already been successfully implemented. Especially in order to provide a solution for Contract projects, Ondarreta is careful to ensure that each product family includes several members, with multiple formats for one same design that can meet the needs of designers, with different ways to sit and arrange the seats. Ondarreta is a beach, and a carpenter’s shop Ondarreta is one of the three beaches that wash the bay in the city of San Sebastián on the north coast of Spain. A beach that holds the secrets and romanticism of those who would take a summer dip in its water, and the roots of a woodworking shop that would later become the beginning of a family history dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture. Still today, Ondarreta continues to create timeless pieces such as those shown below, reinforcing its commitment to versatility, character, style and design as values that set it apart. Simplicity with charm Ondarreta’s new collections are the result of long conversations with designers, friends and customers. Some of them bring us back to certain cultural reference points, thanks to the blend of said conversations and collaborations. Yet everything fits together perfectly, under the sole criteria of hearkening back to our essence: Simplicity with charm. MIKADO FAMILY, design Nadia Arratibel A pair of Asian chopsticks gave birth to the idea for this design, where the back legs are inclined, shaping the base geometry. Mikado was introduced as a design, and after its warm welcome, it has grown as a family in sizes and possibilities. Under its charming and innocent appearance, Mikado is strong, lightweight and highly resistant. The Mikado family’s structure is made with 30 mm Abedul wood. The parts are assembled with perfect mechanisation. The seat and back, curved at a high frequency and with a broad surface space, are made with plywood and phenolic laminate, offering high resistance and flexibility with a razor-thin 4 mm back. Both with the exposed laminate and the upholstered finish, we opted to leave two exposed screws to give the design personality. This is even more so when we bear in mind that it highlights the thinness of the back. Mikado has an especially small seat that brings out the beauty of all things small. One of its features is that it may be customised and given a special personality with trendy fabrics. Ondarreta’s selection of finishes hearkens back to Japanese peasant clothing, with a semi-cushioned fabric or small speckled colours. BAI CHAIR, design Ander Lizaso The Bai chair is as welcoming as it is versatile. This is the most complex new line of upholsteries in the collection. Bai is applicable for almost any use. Halfway between a chair and an armchair thanks to its volume, it does not have armrests but it feels as if it did. It adapts to the needs of many different settings that seek to maintain a welcoming style, all while providing great functionality. The casing, with organic and sinuous, convex and concave shapes, gently welcomes and envelops the user’s anatomy. The combination of classic and contemporary elements was the leitmotiv in creating this chair. The very morphology of the seat itself is inspired by Scandinavian classics from the middle of the century. The crossed legs that go up to the armrests provide a curvature that somehow appear to push the casing toward the interior, providing the shape for the armrest on an armless chair. The BAI chair family goes even further, working with new chair leg possibilities. Along with the tubular version, we are pleased to introduce a new option with a skid base, as well as a new home office version with a central rotating leg. The interesting metallic structure holding the polypropylene housing is available in several different epoxy colours and may be completely upholstered, or just the seat on its own. TERO TABLE STAND, design Pensi Design Studio The Tero table collection is characterised by the subtle dialogue between the wooden shaft and the steel base that surrounds it. When joined together, they create a unique element with a highly suggestive formal image, adapted to live conjointly in different architectural spaces. Idea to bring a warm touch to cafeterias requiring this type of table. OTO FAMILY, design Ondarreta team A stool as simple as can be is the new addition to the family. The Oto stools are a renewed version of the classic wooden stool with cylindrical legs. Solid beech is used. The seat may be padded upholstered or wooden. In this case, there is a central hole to make it easier to pick up and transport. Thanks to its roundness, it provides a stable seat at any of its heights. This year, we are introducing a bench for larger surfaces and a table to complement the Oto stools.



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