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Noken presents MOOD, a new bathroom concept designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Luis Vidal + Architects

Noken, company belonging to Porcelanosa Group, presents MOOD, a new bathroom concept consists of two broad families of products, a sanitaryware line and a brassware line. Innovation, technology, design and sustainability. The sanitaryware line, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Luis Vidal + Architects, combines in an integrated manner a ceramics range with the world of accessories. It is a modular and scalable collection, both versatile and functional. In addition, the colour scheme provides a touch of freshness and modernity. Meanwhile the MOOD brassware line, designed by Luis Vidal + Architects takes, as a point of departure, the responsible use of water. The design enables the flow and temperature of water to be customised to each use and user thanks to its electronics controls. A mechanical version offers the same futuristic and elegant design but suited to the more conservative public. Digital technology The brassware design offering “more for less”. One single gesture organises the overall geometry of the object and on a single object we manage to personalise the use of the different brassware elements. Through the personalisation of functions a large reduction in water consumption is achieved, the end user becomes responsible in their use of water when knowing the water flow in real time. A more pleasurable experience with water is achieved as well, through its flow and temperature. Digital technology ensures functionality in the bathroom. Its intuitive icons allow an easy to use and effortless operation. Now it is possible to create your personal water experience thanks to digital technology and enjoy an inedited shower experience. The digital technology ensures the perfect control in the use of water, optimizing the experience of resource. The result is a technologically superior product, with which the user can instantly interact and feel comfortable. Environmental concerns were amongst the key factors in the development of the MOOD brassware collection and one of the main attributes of the collection is its ease of use. Noken has taken into account the end-user experience to ensure that it is intuitive and easy to operate and that it adapts to everyday needs. A new way of designing bathrooms When they asked Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Luis Vidal + Architects to design the MOOD collection for Noken, they were certain the result would be something special. The concept that emerged defines a new way of describing the bathroom combining, as it does, new material (Krion) with elegant forms. There is a difference between place and space, what we introduce as architects is creating spaces that become places. Generally users perceive bathrooms as cold spaces our idea is to create a more engaging space. Innovative design Contrary to what we are used to in the sanitary world, in this collection the ceramic basin provides the support for the countertop along with all the accessories making installation of the complete bathroom quick and simple. Krion is a new generation material, very hard, compact, pore-free and homogeneous throughout its thickness and which merges perfectly into the ceramics. Flexible and easy to combine MOOD offers a great variety of solutions from large to small bathrooms, a range of options that is enhanced by the wide variety of colours and finishes available. Enabling the creation of unique and original designs. The collection is completed with a selection of accessories enabling the user to tailor the product to the space. MOOD is therefore conceived to meet the needs of all and every project. Adaptability The functionality and aesthetics of this series results in a versatile collection: MOOD persuades by its modern solutions and its adaptability to space and to the user. As architects we concern ourselves above all else with the creation of spaces, spaces designed to “house” activities, therefore it seems logical that: Our design response should examine the relationship between the bathroom fixture and the space in which it is situated. MOOD combines shapes, materials, new ideas with existing concepts... The result is a unique and innovative range. Its simplicity of lines and its wide range of finishes and accessories make MOOD the ideal series for modern bathrooms in private homes, adapting perfectly to newly designed bathrooms and renovations. Finishes The MOOD sanitaryware is based on the union of these two materials; traditional ceramics and the modern Krion. The range has a geometry marked by a series of circles and tangents that gives continuity to the whole range, and at the same time creates a smooth transition between the vertical and horizontal planes. The range represents a new way of conceiving the bathroom: one which allows the user to customize the product to both the space and their personal needs. Source: Noken Read more news related Porcelanosa Group published at Infurma Visit the Noken website
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