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Nikari presents the Arte culture sauna stool designed by Aamu Song & Johan Olin. A new piece of “Nikari & Friends” project

This March month, the Finnish company Nikari shows a small piece of "NIKARI & FRIENDS" furniture, which they thought was just heartwarming when they produced it for a project in Helsinki. The ARTE culture sauna stool was made in 2013 for quite a special sauna, Kulttuurisauna.

Designed by Aamu Song & Johan Olin from COMPANY, the ARTE culture sauna stool is now available in Nikari to order. Some words about this stool by designers Aamu Song and Johan Olin from COMPANY: "The stool borrows its dimensions from the culture sauna building, and pays an homage to the classic Antti Nurmesniemi sauna stool. The seat has an angle allowing water to trickle off the surface."

Dimensions: W440mm x D320mm x H390mm Material: alder The Nikari's love for nature, contemporary design and high quality is hopefully creating new paths for sustainable future. From the beginning of 2015 Nikari head office, studio and workshop have been using solely next generation renewable energy from the hydro power plant located next to its building.


Source: Nikari Photographs: Chikako Harada Visit the Nikari Oy website Read more news related Nikary published at Infurma
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