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New versions of Slam Chair by Sellex introduced at Orgatec have received an excellent welcome

The Basque design company Sellex has introduced new versions of reknowned Slam chair, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, at recently closed fair Orgatec Cologne; the Slam with wooden legs and the Slam with Pyramidal Base have received an excellent welcome.

The excellent welcome to our new versions has overcome our expectations, being specially significant the fact that visitors have well appreciated the finishing in the details of each one of the pieces. With these new versions the SLAM Chair series is completed, offering a variety of options which allow the equipment of different areas in the same installation by adapting each model to a precise need but keeping a unique aesthetic. The Slam chair with Pyramidal base has the following options:
  • Chair on Pyramidal Base and castors.
  • Swivel Chair on Pyramidal Base.
  • Swivel & self-return Chair on Pyramidal Base

The different available versions of SLAM Chair are as follows:
  • SLAM Chair.
  • SLAM Chair with armrest.
  • SLAM Chair Basic.
  • SLAM Chair Basic with steel armrests.
  • SLAM Chair Basic with aluminium armrests.
  • SLAM Chair Sled Base.
  • SLAM Chair on castors.
  • SLAM Chair with armrests on castors.
  • SLAM Chair with wooden legs.
  • SLAM Chair on Pyramidal Base:
    • On castors (with or without armrests).
    • Swivel(with or without armrests).
    • Swivel with self-return mecanism (with or without armrests).
  • SLAM High Chair.
    • Seat's Height 65 cm.
    • Seat's Height 76 cm.
  • SLAM seating beam.
All of them being able to combine with the following shells:
  • Polypropylene Shell.
  • Beech Shell.
  • Oak Shell (3D wood).
  • Any of above ones can be upholstered:
    • Seat pad.
    • Front padding.
    • Fully upholstered
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