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New Tria Pack shelving system. The coolest proposal by Mobles114

Tria Pack is the small & contemporary evolution of Tria original designed in 1978. A new shelving design more dynamic and essential character. The most simple and cool solution by Mobles 114 to storage needs, with 3 shelves for the wall version and 4 shelves for the free standing version. Tria Pack is designed for those who need an auxiliary shelf on any private or public space as: living room, kitchen, dressing room, home office, library, etc and also, storage or office equipment, adding a first-class design, clean and colorful lines, with an exceptional quality / price ratio. A take-away design, consistent with the "Pack" concept: a compact packaging, easily transportable, which contains everything you need to mount the shelf at home. Tria Pack is available in two versions: wall and free standing. TRIA pack wall version composed by 2 side supports and 3 shelves. TRIA pack free standing version to fix at the wall composed by 2 side supports and 4 shelves. TRIA, the original design: Tria Pack is a permanent young and contemporary furniture system, designed in 1978 by JM Massana and JM Tremoleda. TRIA is a shelving system in both wall and free standing version, adaptable to any kind of home ambient: living room, kitchen, dressing room, home office, library, etc and also, storege or office equipment. This versatile system can grow and be modified at the discretion of the client, composed by resistant, functional and with a light volumetric storage modules. Because of its timeless and articulated design, many compositions can be acquired to give different solutions depending on the logistic and decorative needs. During these thirty five years, TRIA has expanded its services, and has recently incorporated a diverse collection of complements: containers, boxes, hangers, etc. Source: Mobles 114 Read more news related Mobles 114 published at Infurma Visit the Mobles 114 website
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