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New stilish and simple towel holders by Lineabeta

Lineabeta presents new stilish and simple aacessories for an "everyday design" bathroom. Towel holders Tirela, designed by Zaven, and Posà, designed by Nicolò Stivanello. Tirela, Design Zaven Light and simple metal rod structure for a towel rack. With minimum encumbrance brings functionality to its fullest. It is composed by many dust painted wiry bars set to different heights, capable of holding many towels: although they are beautiful even naked. Colors: white / red / rust metal / orange / fuchsia / dark grey Dimensions: art. 5110  L 610 x H 900 x P 380 mm Posà, Design Nicolò Stivanello – Lineabeta LAB Collection of towel holders composed by a ladder, a bathrobe holder and a rack resting against the wall, with the tips that converge aloft to slim the silhouette. The structure composed by metal tubes: the main part is painted in white and the tips are painted in the Lineabeta’s color range. Posà is one of the projects developed during the LAB “Lineabeta Creative Experience” workshop curated by JoeVelluto (JVLT) which has the purpose of select and produce a series of ideas following Lineabeta’s brief, from the creativity of selected young designers. Colors: white / red / rust metal / orange / fuchsia / dark grey Dimensions: art. 5130  L 518 x H 1780 x P 85 mm art. 5131  L 518 x H 1780 X P 85 mm art. 5132  L 200 x H 300 x P 85 mm Source: Lineabeta Read more news related Lineabeta published at Infurma Visit the Lineabeta website
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