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New generation of portable radiators comes with Kangeri Nomadic, designed by Satyendra Pakhalé for Tubes Radiatori

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator, the outcome of many years of research and development, is a portable radiator designed by Satyendra Pakhalé with Tubes Radiatori to warm up the space in its immediate vicinity. This solution is in keeping with energy saving strategies yet it is a clear alternative to the solutions currently available. You can see it at the Salone del Bagno 2014 in Milan. The internal core, the heating heart of Kangeri, is made entirely of recycled aluminium. In the upper part of the radiator, the handle is finely hand worked in oak and enables the radiator to be moved easily. Kangeri Nomadic Radiator can be moved freely within the walls of your home or office, to create a heated area in its immediate vicinity. Indeed, in a large number of cases, it is not necessary to heat the entire home, but only a reduced space, at home or at work, around you. Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is the perfect solution to this need in an innovative way. It should be considered to be a new type of radiator which, with its sensory characteristics, becomes a kind of personal companion for its user. Its name Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is a cultural reference to the personal heaters (called Kangers in fact) which were used for centuries by the nomadic peoples of northern India. A kanger is a recipient which contained embers that was used by the native peoples of the Kashmir region under their traditional clothing to keep their bodies warm. Kangers are objects of great cultural importance because of the special relationship which exists between the Kashmiri and their kangers and they are often considered works of art. One legend recounts that kangers were originally Italian and subsequently reached Kashmir: the name “Kangeri” was chosen to honour this cultural connection. Satyendra Pakhalé has designed a product that is not only practical to use as a personal radiator but that evokes symbolic meanings and sensory qualities which improve our intrinsic relationships with the objects around us.

Materials: Aluminium, oak wood Colours: Glossy white / glossy black Dimensions: 58 cm long / 50 cm wide / 36 cm high


Information and images by courtesy of TUBES RADIATORI Read more news related Tubes Radiatori published at Infurma Visit the Tubes website
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