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New designs for indoors by Mario Ruiz for Expormim. Solid wood quiet and natural, yet elegant and Mediterranean

Expormim’s new solid wood collection makes dialogue easier between outdoor and indoor spaces. Starring rattan and solid wood as raw materials, Mario Ruiz’s new designs provide a great harmony contributing to this dialogue. Expormim’s furniture is devised for a friendly, comfortable house, modern, clean and elegant, from the porch to the living room. All the proposals have been conceived with the aim of achieving the highest consistency and sense of real home. “Nothing would be as it is in this collection without the material it is made of: solid wood. Wood gives identity to the pieces; it is the starting point, the reason of every detail in the project. Because this design is based on the details and they can only be constructed thanks to the material. At the same time, this collection is inspired by Expormim’s long-standing tradition in handcrafted rattan and seeks dialogue with it.Mario Ruiz Mario Ruiz’s new collection for Expormim speaks the language of wood and rattan, quiet and natural, yet elegant. Because simplicity is not at odds with excellence. Thus, the Spanish company Expormim, best known for its outdoor furniture, seeks to enhance the interior space by focusing on the selection of warm natural materials that convey the feeling of home. Another distinctive feature is the attention to detail. Small touches that help create great furnishings. Some objects, like the Huma armchair and the “Kotai” dining table, dominated the stand of Expormim during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. But there are other components that deserve being mentioned, like the “Kiri” round coffe tables and the “Team” system of shelves and sideboards. They complete this indoor product family. The “Kiri” set of round coffee tables will delight those who enjoy after-dinner conversations. What surprises the most is the combination of the rattan legs with the different finishings available for the tabletop: lacquered, solid wood and natural stone. It may be difficult to imagine how such a supple material like rattan can support the weight of wood or stone, but rattan is actually strong. And when combined, it works fine aesthetically speaking. On the other hand, “Team” gathers modular shelf units and sideboards made of solid European oakwood. These pieces also have the recognizable bevel along the edge softening their austere lines. The great capacity of the sideboards and the multiple patterns allowed by shelf units, make it a must for the lovers of orderly things. The ledges come in two widths and it is possible to customize the lid of the sideboards by using natural stone. There are also options for the legs. Information & images by courtesy of Expormim Read more news related Expormim published at Infurma Read more news related Mario Ruiz published at Infurma Visit the Expormim website Visit the Mario Ruiz website
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