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Nendo designed a new chair “twig” for Alias

Since the Italian furniture brand Alias specialises in furniture made from aluminium, the idea was to create a chair made of four aluminium “twigs” and a seat. Nendo shapes it. While the aluminium structure of all of the chairs is the same, five upper portion unit variations feature differing shapes, colours, and materials. A number of different shapes and sitting experiences are achieved by fitting these units onto the four legs to create a T-shape on the tops of the legs, connect sections, or add a high or low backrest. Choices for seat material include wood, plastic, and fabric. When the seat and upper portion is removed, the aluminium frames of multiple seats can be stacked, making storage convenient and reducing potential transportation costs. Source: Nendo Photos by Akihiro Yoshida Read more news related Nendo published at Infurma Read more news related Alias published at Infurma Visit the Nendo website Visit the Alias website
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