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Nadadora design studio honors the classics of the twentieth century with Silla40 Collection by Sancal

Last year, to commemorate Sancal’s anniversary, the design studio Nadadora proposed the concept of designing four chairs, one for each  of Sancal’s decades. The idea won them over, and today they present Silla40. Instead of four totally different chairs, Nadadora decided that the project would make even more sense if each chair shared the same structure. This way the difference lies in the backs; each one inspired by a key moment in the history of furniture design. The R20 back symbolises concepts drawn from the work of Marcel Breuer and his Cesca chair. The R30 back is a nod to Scandinavian design in the ’30s and, in particular, the 69 chair by Alvar Aalto.  The R40 variant represents the organic design of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s and celebrates the LCW chairs designed by Charles Eames. The postmodern influences of the ’70s are impregnated in the R70, inspired by designs like those of Synthesis45 by Ettore Sottssas for Olivetti. Silla40 combines an upholstered seat and back with ash feet and arms. The ash is available in any colour from our range for stains, and any fabric can be chosen from our entire collection. Silla40 belongs to the Gráfica Collection by Sancal, the motto chosen by the company to introduce their new collections this year. The Gráfica Collection conveys Sancal passion for illustration and their respect for the discipline of graphic design. The Gráfica Collection introduces eight totally new products to Sancal: the REW, a sofa/bench system and the Nap sofa-bed have been designed by Rafa García; the Barnaby sofa and armchair by Perrine Vigneron; the Collar chair by Skrivo studio; the Silla40 chair and the Tartana acoustic dome by Nadadora as well as the Bang! bi-colour cushions by Elena Castaño-López and the Perigallo stool designed by our own in-house team. We will thresh them one by one, so do not miss anything at all. Information & images by courtesy of Sancal Read more news related Sancal published at Infurma Read more news related Nadadora published at Infurma Visit the Sancal website Visit the Nadadora website
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