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MIST, a wet bar designed by CuldeSac for Puntmobles

Puntmobles presents Mist, a wet bar designed by multidisciplinary studio CuldeSac, in which the combination of materials, smoked glass and walnut, in a  neo-artisanal sensitive way, make this piece an elegant and sophisticated element. A weathered set of wooden slats superimposed on the smoked glass, allow a discrete view of the interior elements. Like it was a jewellery box, we access the interior of MIST by pushing  the two halves of the top sideways The bottles are reached from above allowing easier access, and a small wooden sliding tray accommodates the tools that are needed to serve a drink. At the bottom of the unit there are two small glass doors behind which the cups and glasses are kept.     On wheels or fixed legs, the wet bar leads to a time when this was a key element in every home. Made with Stadip 3 plus 3 glass  and American walnut veneer dash.
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