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Milan Design Week showed the Nes(x)t Generation to the world

At Fuorisalone the first highlight of the exhibition was “Urban Nes(x)t”: the HI-MACS stand was a part of the Home Spa Design Exhibition, which presented a full house concept in which the emotional highlight was the new kitchen-concept HOMMM. These newcomers chose the new generation Solid Surface and constructed the whole kitchen from HI-MACS®. This new type of kitchen island, created by Brazilian designer Ricardo Antonio, from Oscar Niemeyer’s school – was one of the show’s eye-catching exhibits and created quite a stir: its curved shape and high standard of hygiene and sturdiness made HI-MACS® here the number one choice. Also MOMA Design bath and wellness area were eyecatchers at Urban Nes(x)t: for example with a unique hammam bath – whereby the heat is generated through heated panels with especially low energy consumption, which was a major issue especially in discussions with young architects. The programme also includes the Fountain Double whirlpool bath with white all-round LED lighting and the stylish, freestanding Tower Elipse washbasin – all made from HI-MACS®. The “home of the future”, created by Italian architect’s studio Bestetti Associati, showed among other things partition walls made from HI-MACS®, which staged the idea of a nest as a protective covering perfectly. Also architect Marco Piva’s Surfing the Future project was put together with HI-MACS® for its wellness area and attracted a lot of attention at the Home Spa Design Exhibition with its extraordinary shapes and spectacular curved HI-MACS wall details. Besides that the LG Hausys global stand “Contemporary Décor”, presented an outstanding kitchen, completely made of HI-MACS: the shown kitchen of the future is highly emotional, amorphous where curved shapes sweeping upwards meet very functional horizontal surfaces. Both elements are based on the material benefits of HI-MACS®: While the Solid Surface is effective as a wall and cabinet covering with its varied workmanship and impressive interplay of light and reflections, it is the details in the seamless merging of surfaces and hygienic properties that are especially exciting. What many visitors found fascinating is that even the kitchen appliances’ control panels have been built into the material. Among many other interesting exhibits, including numerous manufacturers at Eurocucina, one trend was worth noting. White is in fact...the new white. Many designers have stayed absolutely true to this pure, clean, shape-defining colour. Frederic Willame, Vice President of LG Hausys Europe summarised what many show visitors observed by saying, “We see this as a clear indication that at present emotional appeal is conveyed more effectively through exceptional ideas and striking design than spectacular colours. The nice thing is that with HI-MACS® you can do both. In playing with design there are no limits and with more than 100 colours there are certainly alternatives to white...Read more news related HI-MACS® published at Infurma Visitar la web de HI-MACS®
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