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Milan Design Week preview: Bouquet rug, designed by Sam Baron for Nodus

Bouquet is the latest rug designed by Sam Baron for the Nodus 2014 Rugs Collection which will be presented at the Milan Design Week. It is a 10 piece limited edition handknotted in Nepal using whool, silk, hemp, aloe, soy and nettle. The rug is highly irregular in its design and technique, it is characterized by a 'free' shape and different reliefs of 5, 10 and 15 millimetres on its surface. This carpet features an amazing gradation of beige, brown and green shades that was inspired by the way the leaves are pushed and mixed by the wind in wide prairies. In Sam Baron's own words, "this hybrid camouflage is an artistic and comforting hymn to nature similar to a cluster of foliage". Being handmade with great accuracy, this rug could resemble a stain, a map or a landscape seen from an airplane. Source: Nodus Visit the Nodus website
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