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Mikado, the new design by Front studio for Porro Brand

The three Swedish designers known as Front, who have worked with Porro
company since 2009, has created their new item for 2013 with the Mikado
cupboard, that can be seen at "Home Reloaded" installation, designed by
Piero Lissoni at Hall 7, Stand D15/E18 in the Salone Internazionale del
Mobile in Milan.

An intriguing product offering a captivating lightness and an exotic look.
Designed as a storage unit for living areas, Mikado features a slender
wood structure and doors made up of a double row of slanted and staggered
wooden slats, which allow a glimpse of the contents of the unit in an
appealing play of visibility and concealment. The sideboard brings to mind
the Orient, unique hand-made furniture made of delicate wood sticks or
bamboo, and wonderful cages created to hold fantastical creatures. The
irregularities of nature are tamed by Front and transformed by Porro
into a mass-produced piece designed for the contemporary world. Offering
a touch of playfulness, its unexpected presence is rooted in our deepest

From the well-defined shapes of the furniture systems and the quality
of the materials of the products in the collection to the optical illusions
and touch of humour apparent in the pieces designed by Front, Porro
furniture can be combined, reinterpreted and paired in an infinite number
of ways, creating a unique and harmonious whole that matches the vision
that each individual has of his or her home.

Source: Porro

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