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Mettsass table by BD, designed in 1972 relaunched in 2012

In the 70's, Sottsass made many designs for BD. One of the first was this table baptised with the name "Mettsass", which dates back to 1972. The table Mettsass has not lost its personality with wich Sottsass had designed some 40 years ago. BD has reproduced the structure with the same dimensions and colours. Very few know that the initials of BD are originally related to Boccaccio Design. The Spanish company was born during the later part of day, 70 years ago, with drinks, the rhythm of music and under the sheter of Boccaccio, a famous nocturnal club in Barcelona. One of the illustrious collaborators in those atypical beginnings of the company was the architect and Italian designer, Ettore Sottsass Jr., who travelled often to the city, much more before the founding of the mythical group, Menphis. He had fallen in love with a beautiful student in Eina School and the fruits of that enduring love is his stay in our country gave birth to the pink ceramic vase and called it "Shiva". Forty years have passed by. BD, which now means Barcelona Design, wants to pay a particular and well deserved tribute to the master. The Mettsass structure is made of flat sheets of steel, painted in red RAL 3001 or black. The glass is painted in the same color as the structure. Design: Ettore Sottsass jr. Year: 1972 (re-launched in 2012) About Ettore Sottsass jr. Visit the BD Barcelona Design website
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