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Metar desk, two-tone futuristic design by Perin & Topan presented at Orgatec by Bralco

Metar is the new range of executive desks designed to allow the utmost levels of customisation thanks to the choice of finishes available for both the desktop and the legs, to achieve original colour contrasts which give the desk a slender and appealing look. Designed by Perin & Topan, it has been recently presented at the Orgatec show by Italian company Bralco.

A dynamic, futuristic and modular design to suit all tastes and requirements: the desks, available in veneered wood or lacquered finish, consist of a steel carrying frame with two sloping legs or with one sloping leg and the other side resting on the side service unit. The edge of the legs is trimmed externally with a polished chrome or gun metal grey profile.

The desktop has a shaped and smoothed perimeter, and it is designed with the original decorative insertion of a polished chrome or gun metal grey profile inset into the surface, to match the trim on the legs. A highly innovative solution is concealed within the wood finish of the work surfaces, which are coated with a special water-based nano-technological varnish with silver particles, providing a sanitising action which can cut bacterial growth by 99%. It is the first time this technology is implemented in the office furniture industry. The storage unit, which is available in the same finishes as the desks or in contrast with them, can be fitted with a host of accessories: hinged or sliding doors, drawer units, pull-out filing drawers and a CPU housing. There are also some highly original solutions for all the wiring: in fact, another especially appealing and functional feature of Metar is the structure of the legs, consisting of a double panel, creating an accessorised cavity to thread the wiring through..

Metar is available with desktops measuring 220 x 100 cm and 240 x 100 cm. For offices designed to accommodate meetings, a broad range of conference tables from the new Venturi collection are available. Information & images by courtesy of Bralco Visit the Bralco website
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