Meet Bold, the first outdoor furniture edition by Lagranja Collection. Bold, daring and extremely light

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The new outdoor furniture collection, BOLD, designed and edited by Lagranja Design, complements their Basic furniture, that the Barcelona based studio distributes by themselves and sells through their own online store. 
Just like so many other products created by Lagranja Design, its first outdoor furniture collection, named Bold, was born as to respond to a necessity while working on their interior design projects. 
The Bold chair was specifically designed for The Populist, the Istanbul bar and brewery. Their design for the venue requested some outdoor chair that could be eventually used inside without looking out of place. On the other hand, the divan and armchair were developed for FOC Sentosa, the restaurant and beach club sited in the popular touristic Singapore island. 
One of the goals when creating these pieces was to complement the first furniture collection edited by Lagranja, the Basic Collection, with an outdoor collection. Just like its predecessor, it follows simple lines, although the concept was creating pieces that look study, unlike the minimalistic trend, and as a follow up to the nostalgic look of the Basic collection. 
This robust look was made possible by using of aluminum tube with a diameter of 32 mm, a generous size comparing with the standard used for this kind of furniture. Despite their look, the Bold pieces are extremely light, easy to carry and move, something that the design studio had in mind when creating them for a contract project. To bring more lightness without sacrificing comfort, the back and seating are made with mass tinted acrylic tape (the process that assures duration to the color, even though its outdoor use). The collection includes a chair, an armchair, a sofa and a stool, as well as a table. The table stand is made in die-cast aluminum in three different heights (50, 75 and 110 cm) while the tabletop is available in aluminum and HPL, both adapted to outdoor use. 
Customers can choose two different colors for the structure, and combine them with many options for the upholstery in the armchair and sofa versions. 
This new collection, along with Basic and other Lagranja Collection products, will be available at 
Source: Lagranja Design 
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