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Maru: Deluxe flowing kitchen design made from HI-MACS®, high-quality solid surface material

Elegant contours and soft shapes are characteristics of an exclusive kitchen design made from HI-MACS® that is unique in terms of material, technology and detail. The kitchen is part of the "maru" design range. A furniture range that reflects the Japanese meaning of the word; that is "circle" or "completeness". Based on the geometry of the circle, this kitchen is flowing, functional and seamless in appearance. The origins of "maru" can be found in the design of the new study centre of TU Braunschweig, conceived by the architectural firm DODK from Berlin. The aim: to combine intriguing interior reception spaces with innovative team workplaces. Representation and efficient workstations, which are modular and expandable, are completely in line with the concept of "maru". This concept of unusual design features has now been carried over to the kitchen area too. The modular furniture system has been adapted to the new working height, and expanded to include all functions in the substructure. The result: a unique kitchen shape, perfectly designed. The contoured softness of the trend colour white defines the scene. Various modules, convex or concave, added on or mirroring one another give the kitchen its uniqueness not to mention that playful touch. At the same time, the 3D design features guarantee optimum ergonomics and ensure that the kitchen is fully functional. The plinth, also S-shaped, is set back, thus providing sufficient space for convenient use of the hob and the sink. This, again, has been perfectly worked into an S-shape. It integrates seamlessly into the shape of the worktop. The emphasis is on mouldability In order to turn this design into a reality, it was necessary to use a material with thermoforming properties but also with an elegant-looking surface. The solution: the solid surface material HI-MACS® (a high-tech blend of 75% natural minerals and pigments and 25% acrylic) provided by Klöpfer Surfaces in Germany. Perfect down to the very last detail The structure required a combination of high-level expertise, lots of experience in using solid surface material and attention to detail. For this reason solid surface expert Peter Grube from Germany undertook the implementation of the project. An expert in 3D deformation, the master joiner was extremely interested in this project, and so the meticulous work could begin. Information about the project Design: DODK, Germany Fabrication: Peter Grube, Germany Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White
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