Maria Sofia, the stylish ceramic pellet stove by Monica Graffeo for Sergio Leoni

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Ceramic pellet stove, finely designed with a jewel effect, in which light is refracted providing luminosity and ever-changing variations. Its round shape, simple and minimalist, is embellished by three stylish inserts in brass or nickel, which amplify the lighting effect and give it a sophisticated look. SERGIOLEONI_MariaSofia_black_1The metal grille of the top incorporates the finish of the front inserts, offering an original geometric pattern. SERGIOLEONI_MariaSofia_black_3SERGIOLEONI_MariaSofia_white_3With Maria Sofia, designer Mónica Graffeo introduces a new range, which will accompany the original models designed by maestro Sergio Leoni: “The Leoni collections feature items that speak for themselves, telling a story. To fit in harmoniously with these timeless models, I preferred to choose an archetypal form and to focus on the surfaces and tactile sensations, highlighting the company’s craftsmanship tradition in the field of ceramic manufacturing.” Alongside cutting-edge pellet technology, which provides effective and fully programmable heating, Maria Sofia offers an extended, spectacular view of the flame and extremely silent operation. This stove is already compliant with the Ecodesign 2022 directive. SERGIOLEONI_MariaSofia_white_1SERGIOLEONI_MariaSofia_white_2SERGIOLEONI_MariaSofia_black_2Source: Sergio Leoni Read more news related Monica Graffeo published at Infurma
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