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Luis Eslava designs the new image and range of products of Fitnice

FITNICE® begins a new stage with a new image and a speech that reafirms the know-how acquired over the past decades in the manufacture of technical fabrics and passion and determinaton to innovate in all areas. The work of creatve direction has been released by Luis Eslava Barcelona’s design studio, through graphic design and compositonal vision, with a photographic perspective and innovative visual language. The work of redesigning its corporate image has become a contemporary change in its textual and visual language, in response to a market that demands design as a necessary value for the production and communicaton. FITNICE® is a brand of Vertisol Internatonal. FITNICE® was born with the experience acquired of Vertisol making technical fabrics for solar protection. After that, Vertisol decided to apply all their excellence, passion and know-how to the development of foor coverings. FITNICE® developed four collectons which are now featured in its FITNICE® Floor Catalogue in collaboraton with Luis Eslava: Chroma, Memhis, Panama and Wicker. CHROMA. Colourful, great strength and volumen MEMPHIS. A dominatng color, inspired by the ‘80s Italian movement started by Etore Sotsass PANAMA. Simple, sober and elegant WICKER. Artsans learning, multcolour yarn FITNICE® Atelier FITNICE® Atelier is open to talent and new ideas. Their workshop is a place where everything is yet to be discovered. One foor, one canvas. Each one of their fabrics is an enormous palete where architects and designers can find multiple options to cover the foor, which becomes an imaginary canvas. Shapes. By innovating in design, they incorporate new shapes that allow endless combinatons. Their goal is to facilitate the creative flow to make customized compositons. Lab. Curiosity fuels innovaton. The latest technical advances and the boldest designs come from their close relatonships with research centres, design schools and other key sources that feed from the same curiosity that motivates them. Designers. They want their fooring to be exciting and, to achieve this goal, they collaborate with designers, architects, artists and other professionals who lend their unique insight so they can take things one step further. They help them turn their vinyl fooring into art. Source: FITNICE® Read more news related Luis Eslava published at Infurma Visit the FITNICE® website
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