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Lineabeta and design studio JVLT present 7 different kinds of bathrooms for 7 different lifestyles

For every lifestyle, age, taste, necessity tallies a precise bathroom: thus Lineabeta and design studio JVLT studied in detail a precise set of accesories. Here following: the creative single bathroom, the couple bathroom, the hotel bathroom, the laundry... what is yours?

Creative Single Bathroom

The world is shaped by our will: everything comes to life through our vision. The bathroom is an  ancestral room, thus not immune to this process. An increasingly rapid, frenzied and chaotic life is immediately halted when we enter in that room. The bathroom is a safe haven, a “real” place that is lived by every person according to their own needs. The bathroom is a practical place, but also a place for sharing and thinking.

Public Toilet

Countryside Bathroom

We listen to music, we wash, we put on make-up, we take care of ourselves, we read the news. The bathroom should be adaptable and adaptive, because the human being is changeable and it’s requirements are numerous. The bathroom of the young creative, the one of the mature couple, a hotel one or a public toilet become multiple facets of the same room. Lineabeta has thus decided to create seven bathrooms. Seven different lives. Seven declinations of the same room. Seven people that interpret it in their own way.

Couple Bathroom

Hotel Bathroom

Lineabeta’s mission is to offer an everyday design, a solution for every necessity. Fresh, young, colourful, adaptable, accessible, ironic, democratic, unconventional yet simple at the same time: this is Lineabeta. The claim “everyday design” places the accent on the direction that the company decided to undertake some time ago, all the while staying in line with the last thirty years of the company's  history: the idea of a bathroom that is flexible, comfortable and functional, where you can conduct everyday life simply and spontaneously.

Laudry Bathroom

Creative Dark Bathroom

Everyday life for the last thirty years. Thirty years spent becoming one of the top 5 brands in Italy for the production of bathroom accessories and furnishings. Thirty years of time, energy, experience, innovation, perseverance, creativity, vision, a connection with the territory, choices that are in keeping with changing times, an acute glocal entrepreneurial spirit: many and all necessary factors to last and grow. A very fitting interpretation of glocalisation by Bauman: the different materials (glass, brass, steel, ceramic, bamboo, mattstone) come from an international context, processed in Italy or abroad depending on the competitiveness of the processing manufactures and specialisations, but the strategic elements such as the image and the creativity of the design are strictly 'made in Italy', as are the names of the lines inspired by Venetian expressions (Canavera, Ciacole, Bej, Ciuci, Tirela, …). Names that translate into beautiful and long-lasting accessories at a fair market price (global); a policy that has benefitted the company year after year allowing it to continue to conquer new markets. Source: Lineabeta Read more news related Lineabeta published at Infurma Visit the Lineabeta website
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