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Latest from RS Barcelona, the new benches of “You and Me” collection and folding ping-pong table

Spanish company  RS Barcelona comes back from its passage by Maison&Objet Paris, an event in which they presented the the new benches and finishes of its You and Me ping-pong table and a new folding ping-pong table concept that brings together functionality, playability, toughness and, of course, design. The You and Me Collection: a multifunctional and complete set of benches and ping-pong tables First came the standard pingpong table (108 in). Then came the smaller-sized models (86.6 in and 71 in), so that you could enjoy the You and Me ping-pong table in any space, no matter how small. And now, RS Barcelona has added a new item to the collection: the You and Me benches. The benches come in 4 different lengths (86.6 in, 71 in, 47 in and the 20 in stool), in order to cater to all 3 models of the You and Me table. What’s more, they come with cushions and additional upholstered covers, with options for indoor or outdoor use, ensuring optimum comfort while matching any space or setting. In the You and Me collection of tables and benches there’s time for everything. Time for children to have their breakfast as the clock ticks down for the start of school. Time to invite some friends around for dinner and wind down after a hectic day. There is time to make the most of the good weather and enjoy some barbecues, birthday parties and other outdoor celebrations. There's even time to get serious and make You and Me your work desk. And it goes without saying that there's plenty of time for ping-pong sessions too, because You and Me collection has been designed in line with the Intense Living philosophy of RS Barcelona products: to play with and experience to the fullest. In addition to the benches, the You and Me collection also boasts a new table finish: the Walnut tabletop. This wood adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the table without affecting its playability. RS#folding ping-pong table: when “design” and “folding” join forces When it comes to ping-pong tables, it seemed impossible that the concepts of “folding” and “design” could join forces. But RS Barcelona has managed it. It’s taken us many hours of engineering, lots of testing of materials and finishes, quite a few prototypes and a series of modifications. But we’ve got there in the end. Just like we did a few years back with the football table, designing the RS#2, we’ve given the folding ping-pong table a new twist with the RS#folding. The RS#folding is a new folding ping-pong table concept. Until now, most of the folding ping-pong tables in the market have been strictly functional, with design taking a back seat. The RS#folding restores design to its rightful place. It combines the functionality of a folding ping-pong table with the signature design of RS Barcelona products. Because design needn’t be incompatible with functionality and playability. The RS#folding boasts standard ping-pong table measurements (108x72x30 in) cm, while its surface, design and structure provide total playability, stability and toughness. Just like a professional ping-pong table. Thanks to the RS#folding you no longer need to miss out on ping-pong due to a lack of space. Once folded, using a simple mechanism located underneath the tabletop, it takes up little space. And you can easily move it to the most convenient spot thanks to its tough all-terrain wheels. What’s more, just like the You and Me model, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Can you imagine how it would look in your garden? Information & images by courtesy of RS Barcelona Read more news related RS Barcelona published at Infurma Visit the RS Barcelona website
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