La Isla by Note Design Studio for Sancal. An enticing destination in a sea of nothingness…

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The new project of Note Design Studio for Sancal is a seating for collectivities as a solution for transit areas, vast seas of inhospitable and unwelcoming space that Marc Augué has dubbed “non-places”. 
Sancal turned to Note, a Swedish design studio to provide some relief for weary travellers. They came up with La Isla as a solution. Its seductive curves and soft upholstery call out to all those navigating a lobby, desperately seeking refuge. 
Once installed on the Isla they will not be disappointed. The upholstery is just as comfortable as it looks with generous proportions and soft materials. 
A place to share with strangers while respecting their privacy; isolated but not excluded. 
The Isla comes in three different sizes and a selection of fabrics from Sancal’s collection. The plinth can be lacquered in any of the colours as per the chart in the price list. 
Source: Sancal 
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