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Kvadrato, innovative, sustainable and customizable rugs, designed by Manuel Torres Design for Woop Rugs

MANUEL TORRES DESIGN Studio designed for brand WOOP RUGS of the GRUPO NOVADECOR, a different and staff understand such a simple idea like a carpet. it is KVADRATO Rugs Collection, which has bveen performed with different finishes and types following the latest trend parameters DIY (Do It Yourself) as an essential premise of the project.

The goasl of the creative team was to create a unique colorful line and differentiated volume for tis design and innovation, developed under the concepts of simplicity, utility, versatility, green design and freedom. KVADRATO Rugs Collection is available internationally marketed in Europe and Mexico. For this the international studio design planned as fundamental premise, developing a unique and innovative design and ecofriendly in its segment. These unique woven carpets 3.5 mm thick adn wide and long customizable as to indoor and outdoor environments, are resistant to light and water, are composed of synthetic fibers of the highest quality and easy maintenance duration.

Under the solgan "MAKE IT YOURS”, KVADRATO is a collection of eight carpets fully customizable: Bilbao, Sao Paulo, Aberdeen, Mikonos, Siena, Edinburgo, New York and México. Starting from nine colors, using the configuration and creativity can make exclusive designs, creating an unique carpet designs can be created from fun and full colored carpets to other more sober and elegant covering all your needs, to suit your own style. The limit is your creativity. The Rugs Collection KVADRATO design responds to a comprehensive Trends Research, which resulted in the Do It Yourself (DIY) as vectorial trend for the project where customization and creation of unique objects is very rewarding. And it is precisely this feeling of being part of the product that KVADRATO Rugs Collection wants to provoke on the user.

The aim has been to design a collection of author with avant-garde and international style and clearly differentiated through design, innovation, functionality and sustainability, also characterized by the use of materials easy maintenance and long life, through innovative production process, having as target use in private areas and preferably contract and institutional, thus covering the widest possible range of your target audience. In short, with the creation of this new collection of rugs the MANUEL TORRES DESIGN Studio has managed to go beyond mere functional use thereof, thus enhancing its functionality, generating feelings and emotions through a creative and innovative design full of color and volume that adds significant value to the product and, above all, comfort and convenience ot its users.

Source: Manuel Torres Design Visit the MANUEL TORRES DESIGN website Visit the WOOP RUGS website
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