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KES of Vondom, a modular system seating for furnishing outdoor spaces designed by Gabriele + Oscar Buratti

The main objective of Kes by Vondom is to create endless and articulated compositions; sofas, chaise and lineal and angular poufs. Armchairs formed by individual elements or large islands as a results of the union of several parts. The most characteristic of this collection is the visible cut in the basic volume, as a kind binary and include additional elements such as backups, armrest and table. The cut becomes architectural, decorative and functional symbol characterized as distintive and functional, simple but also complex, valuable for the product. Gabriele+Oscar Buratti base their work on looking for a new interpretation of the relationship between simplicity and complexity, finding the balance, giving it an original value. Flexibility in the composition an the mobility of elements make it easy the optimum confort position. Vondom opens a new showroom in New York The Spanish desing furniture and lighting company will open a new flagship store in New York. The official inauguration of Vondom showroom and offices in 'Big Apple' will held in May, coinciding with the celebration of the "International Contemporary Furniture Fair" (ICFF). Read more news related Vondom published at Infurma Visit the Vondom website
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