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Jungle Wash designed by José Lévy for Wallpaper Handmade exhibition with Up Group

For Wallpaper Hand Made exhibition during last  Milan furniture fair, José Lévy has designed a bathroom collection called Jungle Wash for the Italian marble specialist company Up Group.

The collection includes a shelving, a sink, a tap, a mirror, a foldaway stool and even a toothbrush: a wild and offbeat shower; an oasis of freshness in the Amazon jungle. The designer has devised a suite from rough blocks of emerald green Guatemalan marble; only the functional parts are highly polished. A mineral stack smoothed by water from a waterfall and overrun by dense vegetation alluding to an improvised bath “a bit like washing in nature after tropical rainfall, when the water is held in stone blocks…” summed up the French designer blending luxury and luxuriance with this paradoxical line where man’s intervention is reduced to its simplest, but also to its most direct expression. A gem of a camp: literally and figuratively.

Source: José Lévy Photo: Wallpaper
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