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Jaime Hayón, special guest at Feria Hábitat Valencia

Internationally renowned Spanish designer, Jaime Hayón (Madrid, 1974), focuses people’s attention on the next edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia, in which he will participate with an exhibit of some of this most emblematic works. Hayón, whose brilliant career has led him to cities like Los Angeles or Paris before arriving in Treviso, where he worked actively in “Fabrica” the famous Benetton research centre, is a multifaceted creator who has played very different roles on the international art and design scene. In the decoration and interior design domain, he has worked with reference firms and has signed pieces and collections of worldwide prestige, some of which will be on show at Feria Hábitat Valencia from 18th to 22nd September.

Poltrona Showtime Outdoor for BD

This will be the case, for example, of his “Showtime” home collection, produced in collaboration with the BD firm, his “Las Josephines” lamps collection along with Metalarte, his “Cristal Candy Set” collection for Baccarat, or his “The Fantasy Collection” for the Lladró decorative porcelain firm, where he has been artistic consultant since 2006.

Josephine lamp for Metalarte

This exhibit, which will occupy a privileged place in Feria Valencia’s Pavilion 1 next to the vanguard firms’ production exhibit, “Flash Hábitat Valencia”, will also reflect Hayón’s work in other domains. For instance, it will include samples of his designs for Camper, for which he has designed not only several concept shops, but also a footwear collection.

Camper store in Tokyo designed by Jaime Hayon

The Hayón exhibit will occupy the central “Flash Hábitat Valencia” area, and the pieces will be arranged in a circular fashion as if to mark the hours on a simulated large clock, a clock which will reflect Hayón’s brilliant career. With this initiative, this event intends to stage and claim, once and for all, the prestige of Spanish design, and to also show its firm decision and commitment with “made in Spain”. According to José Blasco, Chair of the trade fair: “Jaime Hayón’s participation is certainly a luxury for Feria Hábitat Valencia and the perfect complement for the wide-ranging and attractive design offer here since we have managed to build a top-level shop window, in which the National Design Award-winning firms will also jointly participate”. Read more news related with Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Read more news related Jaime Hayón published at Infurma Visit the Feria Habitat Valencia website Visit the Jaime Hayón website
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