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Jaime Hayon brings us back around the table with Analog, a new design for Fritz Hansen company

Jaime Hayon has to date designed three outstanding products for Fritz Hansen; the FAVN™ sofa (2011), the easy chair Ro™ (2013) and the Analog table (2014) launched this April in Milan. Analog is not a square, not a circle, nor an oval – it is a new shape that takes the best features from the three classic table shapes and brings them together in a new, wholesome form.

There is no hierarchy, just a beautiful platform for conversations and discussions, the perfect match for modern relationships among family, friends and colleagues. Analog™ is celebrating the authentic way of connecting with people around a table by bringing us closer. The table promotes a return to the genuine togetherness that is a stark contrast to the digital life we face with demands of constant on-line presence.

"Jaime Hayon is unique because, on the one hand, he is extremely creative and inventive, yet, on the other, he is very structured and strategic in his thinking - a mix you do not see so often. His unique profile is crossed with a highly developed ability to understand a brand's values and heritage yet, at the same time, he is never afraid to challenge and develop these values. Finally, he is also a person incredibly at ease, which of course is important when working as a close team," says Christian Grosen Rasmussen, Head of Design, Fritz Hansen.

"I have been called a kind of visionary; someone whose work is having an impact on the evolution of design. This is fine but I live in a small town with my family, we do simple things together. I don’t like to be too trendy or too fancy. This keeps my feet on the ground, which is good. It is good not to think too much about what you do. I have no strategy – my world is my aesthetic and it’s done with heart. I love what I do and I hope to die with a pencil in my hand," says Jaime Hayon, designer and multi-artist.

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