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iSaloni 2015 preview: Kanji dining table designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti

The new Paola Lenti collections will be again hosted this year at the Chiostri dell'Umanitaria – via Daverio 7, Milan - during the International Design Week (14/19 April 2015). Among the novelties presented highlights the Kanji indoor dining table designed by Francesco Rota.

Series of table made of wood in natural or grigio ferro colour. The top can be in one piece or feature the central part composed of removable, independent elements. It is possible to replace the desired number of elements with a cutting board and containers in different dimensions and materials. The removed elements can be stored in a compartment existing under the top.


Beyond Colour is the theme chosen to emphasize the willingness to go “beyond”, beyond the enveloping spell of colours toward a different vision of outdoor and indoor living, a vision centered on furniture intended as a functional and elegant product, simple and at the same time able to redesign the “togetherness”. The original fabrics, result of ancient knowledge and state of the art technology, give rise to collections that reflect a new idea of living and catch the eye, suggesting a human-centered concept of space. The study of colours and shades enhances the harmony of forms, balance and perspective, leading to endless variations and modulations of light and shadow that reveal a silent, respectful dialogue with nature, a dialogue based on the thorough study of materials, on a coherent dual movement that is both search for beauty and for the concreteness of living. This “seeing beyond”, this glance over the boundaries is the hallmark of the daily work of Paola Lenti, because the Company has always believed in imagination becoming thinking and thinking becoming object, geometry of forms, play of balance and colour, an idea of living capable of capturing all senses.

BEYOND COLOUR International Design Week 2015 April 14-19 2015 CHIOSTRI DELL’UMANITARIA Via Daverio 7, Milan

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