Innovative bed system designed by Monica Graffeo for Caccaro where the wall becomes a multi-purpose headboard

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Caccaro’s constant search for the creation of one-of-a-kind home spaces with a strong personality has led to the reinterpretation of the night area with Groove - Monica Graffeo’s design – an innovative bed system with an essential design for a night beyond expectations. 
The traditional headboard disappears and becomes all one with the wall thanks to a particular aluminium wall bar which can be fitted at different heights depending on the required functions. This scenic element becomes the protagonist of the room: thanks to the numerous accessories, it can replace the traditional bedside unit and be turned into a practical shelf, or can be personalized with cushions-upholstered back panel, easy to position by sliding. 
The innovative Groove bar features integrated LED lighting to recreate a predominant atmosphere of well-being, and a latest-generation audio system which, by means of a special App, can be controlled from smartphone and tablet. 
Completely personalizable thanks to a range of removable sartorial fabrics, the Groove night system becomes a perfectly integrated furnishing element with a broad range of Caccaro furnishing solutions. 
Source: Caccaro 
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