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imm cologne preview: practical foldable desk FjU designed by Kaschkasch duo for Living Divani

Living Divani continues the work of talent scouting among new designers that lead to new collaboration, coordinated by Carola Bestetti, second generation, in close contact with the art director, Piero Lissoni. Cologne sees the debut of the first design for Living Divani by Kaschkasch, a designer duo based in Cologne itself.

The FJU desk was presented for the first time at Salone Satellite 2014 where Living Divani noticed it and decided to include it in its own collection. It is an extremely linear desk, a practical foldable work space than can be closed to free up space whenever you need it. Thanks to a hidden mechanism, it can be locked into a vertical position, creating a wall-mounted magazine rack container for small objects or a charming surface in natural or charcoal dyed oak. This multi-purpose product is designed for the home, but is also perfect for contract projects. The FJU desk summarises the purity and invention of Northern design with the Living Divani idea of elegance.

Founded by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, the studio strives to obtain the maximum by starting from the minimum, breaking down all ideas to their basic elements, creating products that are simultaneously casual and fashionable. Precise lines and geometrical forms give their creations a graphical appearance, underlined by captivating colourings and the simplicity of the design. Each piece has its own characteristic to be discovered, which communicates the designers' love for detail.

Living Divani in Cologne - preview 2015 collection 19-25 January 2015 Hall 11.1 Stand D028 – C028

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