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Imba collection designed by Federica Capitani for Moroso and made in Dakar. An invitation to relax

Federica Capitani has created the Imba collection for Italian premium brand Moroso. Imba’s origin comes from the playful combination of two flowing, intertwined loops. The geometry of the inner loop uses a closed woven pattern that provides comfort for the seat and backrest. The external loop, gently wrapped around the seat, creates a space frame for a semi-open weaving that offers intimate space, yet open at the same time. Made in Dakar, Africa, Imba is an attempted to translate the warm quality of hand crafted, unique artefacts into a collection that invites you for a relaxing moment and a casual conversation with friends. Source: Moroso Photos: Alessandro Paderni Read more news related Moroso published at Infurma Visit the Moroso website
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