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HIC&UBIQ, an innovative modular storage solution designed by Eric Jourdan for Menuiseries Ferreyrolles

HIC&UBIQ is an innovative concept for modular storage that has been created to maximize space by Eric Jourdan for Menuiseries Ferreyrolles. Hic&Ubiq won a Janus Industrial Design Award in the furniture category, with its solution for architects, designers and real estate professionals in response to the lack of space in small areas (studios, offices etc). This patented system, produced by ‘Menuiseries Ferreyrolles’ replaces traditional drawers and shelves with swivelling columns. Each comprises 3 accessible sides: pull then rotate the column, and choose the side you want to store something. Hic&Ubiq proposes a wide range of combinations to which has been added a single system with four decors designed by Eric Jourdan: an office; library; dressing room; shelving for living rooms. This ultra-contemporary, colourful and elegant version is appealing for luxurious small spaces (for example holiday studio rentals). Dimensions: - Width 2.4m, equivalent to 3.75m linear storage with the classic system. - Height 2.1m or 2.45m Materials: Valchromat (coloured throughout)/melamine panels ‘Menuiseries Ferreyrolles’ produce and install woodwork structures (fixtures, parquet flooring, doors, windows, stairs, wall panels…). The team located in Clermont Ferrand (France) comprises 20 people, and in 2010 a major investment was made in reliable manufacturing equipment atypical for a company of its size. In 2011 a FNRT loan (National Fund for Local Development) was acquired for its projects. In 2012 it was awarded the National Prize for Construction in Wood in the buildings for business use category. The HIC&UBIQ brand was created and a European patent acquired for its modular storage concept. Collaborating with the designer Eric JOURDAN they won an award in the furniture category of the JANUS de l’Industrie Awards in 2013. Source: Menuiseries Ferreyrolles and Eric Jourdan Read more news related Eric Jourdan published at Infurma Photographs: Baptiste Heller Visit the Eric Jourdan website Visit the Menuiseries Ferreyrolles website
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