HI-MACS® Inspires the New White Bathroom Collections from Italian Firm Cipì

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A journey through styles and materials” – this is how Cipì describes the new 2016 collection “The Bathroom Glory”, where HI-MACS® plays a prominent role in each element. HI-MACS_cipi_23Renowned Italian brand Cipì turned to HI-MACS® to create its new collection “The Bathroom Glory.” This is a modular collection which makes it possible to mix and match units and accessories for the bathroom. HI-MACS® acrylic stone in Diamond White was the material chosen to create this new bathroom collection, due to its excellent hygienic properties. Thanks to its non-porous surface, the material is waterproof and does not absorb moisture. It is also extraordinarily effective at repelling stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. All of these properties make the acrylic stone an ideal material for bathrooms. “The Bathroom Glory” collection is comprised of different bathroom units, highlights of which include White Diamond and Essenza. The first comprises various elements largely created using HIMACS®, while the units in the second feature Burmese teak wood. HI-MACS_cipi_03_b1WHITE DIAMOND & WHITE DIAMOND TEAK The exclusive simplicity of these objects, created using acrylic stone, is transmitted through their slimness (only 12 mm thick) and the “calming and essential” shapes this innovative material makes it possible to create. Smooth curves form the Top DB5 model, a wall-mounted countertop manufactured in HI-MACS®. The unit was designed to accommodate a basin, tap and toiletries on the top, leaving space for all the essential bathroom accessories underneath. The space is completed with the curved shelving decorating the wall, as well as a stool with an internal shelf, both elements also made in the acrylic stone. In addition, the Top Carve White model, also mounted directly on the wall, is the most functional and minimalist support for Cipì basins. The top section also features an integrated towel rail in a sinuous side curve, while the lower part forms a shelf that complements the top, helping to optimize the space in the bathroom. Cipì thus creates a practical, elegant piece. Another combination features the Top Diamond Teak model, where Burmese teak wood in soft, warm tones is perfectly complemented by the purity of the HI-MACS® acrylic stone. The wall unit, with a chunky wooden drawer and push/pull closing system, makes it a perfect, discreet storage space, while the white of the stool, with an internal shelf in teak wood, makes it the perfect combination. Finally, this wall unit with integrated drawer is also available in white with the model Top White Diamond. To make it more dramatic, it can be complemented with the Slash basin, shelves, stool and towel rail, again all made in the acrylic stone. HI-MACS_cipi_01HI-MACS_cipi_02HI-MACS_cipi_04HI-MACS_cipi_27HI-MACS_cipi_29HI-MACS_cipi_34THE ESSENZA Fragrant, smooth Burmese teak explores new frontiers. The upper countertop, mounted on the wall, is integrated with two white towel rails in HI-MACS®. The teak unit located just below, is a large wooden drawer covered by a 6-mm layer of HI-MACS®. Both elements can be installed separately thanks to adjustable retractable supports, making them particularly easy to mount. HI-MACS_cipi_05HI-MACS_cipi_30HI-MACS_cipi_37HI-MACS_cipi_38Source: HI-MACS® Photographs: ©Cipì Read more news related HI-MACS® published at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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