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Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain delivers the National Design Award 2011 to Sellex

Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain presided over the National Design and Innovation Awards in Bilbao. Organized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the National Design Prizes is the highest distinction granted in Spain. This award recognizes professional designers as well as businesses for their excellence and exemplary careers. The main purpose of these Prizes is to extend, strengthen and impulse the culture of design; by promoting design in all its aspects, and highlighting exemplary manifestations in the relationship between design and business, as well as cultural and social impact. As well as conducting an information campaign for the proper appreciation and understanding of design by society in general. 

Andrés Muñoz (founder of Sellex), Miguel Jimenez, Beñat Muñoz and Marifran Eguren

SELLEX, 34 years devoted to furniture design SELLEX started its business activity in San Sebastian back in 1977. Right from the beginning he focuses on the edition of design furniture and equipment.  As a result of the different reflections and strategic decisions, the orientation of the company   changed from a basically trading activity into manufacturers of own design.  In 1977, SELLEX, with a clear vocation for Scandinavian design, and Spain still far from Europe, got an agreement to produce under license the Swedish brand INNOVATOR whose products were until the late 80’s a must at all Home Furniture Stores specialized in  design in Spain. While still working as exclusive importers of major Scandinavian brands.  Mid 80’s, a decision is fundamental to the development of the company. Own products are designed for the Home market. This activity was progressively replacing the licensed manufacturing and marketing, and was limited only to complementary products in its catalogue. In the early 90’s, the company decided to radically change the strategy and rather than continue working for the Home furniture market, the new designs are market-oriented furniture for facilities and project installations (known as the Contract market). The result of this strategic reorientation was the creation of products aimed at this market. The first of these collaborations was with Architect Enric Miralles, in the year 1992, and the design of VACANTE bench, which gave way to the first large installation that took place within the Contract market, The Sports Hall in Huesca. The success achieved with the VACANTE bench, encouraged to continue developing new products with top designers. A Result of this work are the chair AGORA (Bernal/Isern), the modular seating system WOODY (J.Daifuku) and the program of folding punk beds (Lievore Altherr Molina). In 1999, an agreement was reached with the company AZCUE S.A. (one of the manufacturers of Home furniture with greater penetration in the domestic market) to develop a Shelving-unit System and accessories for Libraries. The outcome of this cooperation is the JAKIN Library program, designed by Abad Diseño. This project of cooperation is still running nowadays in full force.    The launch of AERO bench, a Lievore Altherr Molina design, in 2001, marked a milestone in the history of the company, becoming in the last decade, the most emblematic product and an indisputable leader in the Design World. Besides, it catapulted the company to the first national and international level within the Design Furniture for Contract, being the products present today in airports, bus and train terminals, libraries, hospitals, residences, public buildings, museums, funeral homes and chapels, hotels. The list of references carried out is endless, but some singular proyects are to be highlighted, like: City Hall in London, Copenhagen Airport, World Trade Center in Montevideo, The Scottish Parlament, Gemelli Hospital in Rome, Venice Passenger Terminal, Dubai Mall, Picasso and Blau Museums in Barcelona, Airports in Atlanta, Florida, Haneda, Sydney,… among many others. In addition to market’s success, AERO bench has been awarded the following prizes: Excellence of Product, London 2002, Delta de ORO ADI-FAD, Barcelona 2003, Neocon Gold Award, Chicago 2003, Best of Neocon, Chicago 2003, IF Gold Award Hannover 2004, AEPD Award Barcelona 2004, SIDI Selection XXI Century for Contract, Barcelona 2009.  At that stage, the development of new products in collaboration with renowned designers is incessantly. Among others, it is necessary to note the following: Lievore Altherr Molina, Burkhard Vogtherr, Carlos Tíscar, Mario Ruiz, Abad Diseño, Perry King y Santiago Miranda, Miguel Ángel Ciganda, Gemma Bernal, Estudi Blanc, Item Design, Ramón Isern, Estudi Blanc. This major effort in product development has been matched by the recognition not only of the market, but also by the experts. The awards received in recent years, in addition to those already mentioned, are as follows:  Gold Award Neocon, Chicago 2007; Gold Award IIDEX, Toronto 2007; Selection ADI-FAD, Barcelone 2007; Selection ADI-FAD, Barcelone 2009; Gold PrizeADCV, Valence 2009; Selection ADI-FAD, Barcelone 2.011. An strong environmental awareness leaded the company to obtained the ISO 14001-2004 certification in 2009 which completed the ISO 9001-2008 obtained in 2005.  Read more news related Sellex published at Infurma Read special articles about Sellex published at Infurma Visit the Sellex website Visit the Sellex sheet at Infurma
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