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Harpo by Santa & Cole. Ergonomic, durable and easy to assemble and dismantle street furniture. Designed by Miguel and Gonzalo Milá

Santa & Cole entrusted to father-and-son team Miguel and Gonzalo Milá – two big names in contemporary street furniture design – undertook the difficult task of drawing a bench for the 21st-century international market. It had to be able to travel flat, unassembled, be humble and multicultural in shape, very comfortable and sober in figure, and easy to produce in simple economies, even with local materials. In a nutshell, the first global urban bench. The upshot is HARPO, the friendliest and cheekiest of the Marx brothers, recognisable worldwide without the need for words. A happy friend for all public and private projects. HARPO is conceived as a global bench, takes up a mere tenth of the volume that others of similar dimensions require, and that is easy to assemble and install, affordable, and very comfortable. The HARPO family comprises the bench, chair and backless bench, and comes in narrow FSC wood slats, wide FSC wood slats, or aluminium slats. Santa & Cole focus on designing urban elements which allow for the creation of better public spaces, more humane with a better user experience. They are interested in a two-speed city: the slow, pedestrian city that invites you to rest, and the high-speed, technological Smart City. For the slow city Santa & Cole offers well-designed, ergonomic urban furniture, with a collective identity and meaning. They present useful, durable pieces that are locally manufactured and environmentally conscious. Materials and finishes Bent and welded steel plate structure with anti-rust protection and powder paint finish. Seat and back made of European or tropical wooden slats with FSC certification, finished with oil in two-component and with two sections: narrow slat of 35x35 mm or wide slat of 90x30mm. The HARPO family can also be made with 90x30 mm extruded aluminium slats with an anodised finish – a recycled, recyclable and highly resistant material that is increasingly being used in more sustainable cities. Anchor screws for the stainless steel slats. Information and images by courtesy of Santa & Cole Read more news related Santa & Cole published at Infurma Visit the Santa & Cole website
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