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Gunni & Trentino launches to market a new concept kitchen “Wave”, by A-cero

Gunni & Trentino, has made a modern kitchen that redefines aesthetic and functional concepts, creating an exclusive and unmistakable space for the lovers of the avant-garde design. Wave is a design of A-Cero Studio. Wave is the result of  the colaboration between the A-cero architcture studio, recognised to the point of star a monographic sample, and Gunni & Trentino, as manufacturer and expert in kitchen with more than 30 years in this sector. The conclusion is the genuine Wave kitchen, the perfect fusion between sculpture, desing, aesthetic and functionality. The design, created by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares, from A-cero, in exclusive for Gunni & Trentino, goes a step forward in the modern kitche concept. An exercise that achive the fusion between creativity, functionality and indpendent style. Wave have been a challenge for Gunni & Trentino  in the cereful elaboration of each piece. This supose a great advance for this prestigious mark dedicated to the high decoration to the own fabrication of exclusive porposals. Wave shines for its vanguard cadence that give the organic profiles. A real challenge to the convenctions. An exclusive, genuine and original kitchen. Visit the Gunni & Trentino website Visit the A-Cero website
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