Green Product Award winners 2017 announced: the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services

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The Jury decided the 4th round of international Green Product Award finishes with outstanding winners in 14 areas like furniture, interior, fashion, mobility and more. The Netherlands, China, America, Sweden, Mexico, South Africa ,… - the Berlin based initiative received hundreds of outstanding submissions from 25 countries. Prizes that reward the smart design, thought for a sustainable future and that for it, from Infurma, we can not but spread them. 
The Award is grown up to a reasonable melting pot of solutions and concepts. The Jury picked solutions with massive impact from our professional participants and the newcomer winners are very promising,” states Nils Bader, Initiator of the Green Product Award. "We already established some businesses for some participants and we will publish a variety of success stories in near future.” 
Würth, Viasit, Haier, Anker, Greentom, Fairphone, Grohe… established, international brands among the winners. On the other hand the winners of the Newcomer-rating: young, talented and focussed in their approaches. They are moving into the market with smaller power but a big heart and very professional results. 
“How do we live tomorrow?” was this years´ topic, the winners gave the best answers for almost all areas of life. Some examples: timeless circular designer furnitures, a mobility-solution reducing diesel-emissions to zero, new ultralight carpets designed for airplanes, solar powered lamps made of sustainable materials to empower people to learn - who could never afford that before, and the first Gas Stove worldwide with a flameless combustion.. The winners´works show the fascinating spectrum of sustainable design: Inspiring products for conscious consumers. Have a look at the green shooting stars. 
Category: Architecture 
Professional Winner: VARIFIX® Quick Mounting System by Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG / RITTWEGER + TEAM Werbeagentur GmbH +info 
Newcomer Winner: Solavinea Solar Pergola by Solavinea GmbH / Schweizer Design Consulting +info 
Category: Communication 
Professional Winner: Insect Respect Quality Seal by Insect Respect by Reckhaus +info 
Newcomer Winner: TEKS PAKS by Teaks Paks +info 
Category: Consumer Electronics 
Professional Winner: Haier BCD-360WDCAU1 by Qingdao Haier CO., Ltd. +info 
Newcomer Winner: Fairphone by SeymourPowell +info 
Category: Consumer Goods 
Professional Winner: Speick Organic 3.0 Body Care by Karius & Partner GmbH / Angela Schneider +info 
Newcomer Winner: MartiniSPA bio by Martini S.p.A +info 
Category: Energy 
Professional Winner: RedSun Infrared Gas Stove by Guangzhou Redsun Gas Appliances Co., Ltd +info 
Newcomer Winner: Invening Green by SELCO Foundation +info 
Category: Fashion 
Professional Winner: Lilienthal Berlin L1 by Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH +info 
Newcomer Winner: freisicht - sustainable eyewear by freisicht GmbH / Jan Thomas Winter +info 
Category: Freestyle 
Professional Winner: HDE5001 Intelligent Toilet by Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd +info 
Newcomer Winner: Enso by Jonas Winkler Design +info 
Category: Furniture 
Professional Winner: Modular seamless seatings NOVA C by Johan Berhin, Fanny Stenberg +info 
Newcomer Winner: Wehlers sustainable design furniture by Wehlers +info 
Category: Home Accesories 
Professional Winner: Blue Home by Grohe AG / Grohe In-house Design Team +info  
Newcomer Winner: Shower Timer by inDare Design Strategy Limited +info 
Category: Kids 
Professional: Greentom Baby Stroller by Greentom / Bart Bost +info 
Newcomer Winner: Irli by Martin Klein +info 
Category: Mobility 
Professional Winner:  
1. FLOORO by Inhouse Design +info 
2. Smart evolution into clean mobility by Keyou GmbH +info 
Newcomer Winner: Hold Clean by InDare Design Strategy Limited +info 
Category: Office 
Professional Winner: Drumback by Viasit Bürositzmöbel GmbH / Martin Ballendat +info 
Newcomer Winner: Bridge&Tunnel by Hanna Charlotte Erhorn +info 
Category: Research 
Professional Winner: Carbon concrete: efficient and attractive by C3 - Carbon Concrete Composite e.V +info 
Newcomer Winner: Zandglas by Atelier NL / Nadine Sterk & Lonny van Ryswyck +info 
Source: Green Product Award 
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