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Fri™ and Sammen™ of Fritz Hansen, designed by Jaime Hayon for meaningful moments

In April, Fritz Hansen launched a new armchair and dining chair created by the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. Both chairs are now on the market, and a new leather version is on the way. The two chairs are designed for living, encouraging you to take part in the life around you as well as bringing a homey feel to any setting. A home is well designed when it offers a welcoming and inviting space – when it has that indefinable quality we call hominess. It is a challenge to create a vibrant, personal home with soul. The two new chairs by Jaime Hayon are a first step towards bringing that exceptional atmosphere to any setting. "Together with Fritz Hansen, I have created a dining chair and an armchair, both springing from a desire to create furniture that offers a space for meaningful moments. Both chairs can be characterized as open, free and public designs that let you become a part of the life that goes on around you. They both bring a cosy, warm and informal feel to any setting, whether it is a home, an office or a restaurant," says Jaime Hayon. "The concept of home and the feeling of belonging are both physical and mental experiences, and in both regards we believe that a single piece of furniture can transform a room and the way it is perceived. In any home, furniture plays an important role. This includes the furniture we have selected and bought ourselves as well as the pieces we have inherited or received as presents. Regardless of their origin, they tell a story about who we are and where we come from. And Fri and Sammen are special in that sense that they bring a warm and vivid feeling to any setting," says Christian Andresen, head of design, Fritz Hansen. The success of Fri and Sammen has led to a natural extension of the collection, as both chairs now are available in a leather version, which brings an exclusive and elegant expression to a design that is going to age with beauty. Information & images by courtesy of Fritz Hansen™ Visit the Republic of Fritz Hansen™ website Read more news related Fritz Hansen published at Infurma Read more news related Jaime Hayon published at Infurma
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