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Frames, by Jaime Hayon for Expormim, winner of the German Design Awards 2016

FRAMES armchair designed by Jaime Hayon for Spanish company Expormim, has been selected winner for Excellent Product Design in the 2016 edition of the prestigious German Design Awards. This mention will be publicly announced in the course of the award ceremony that will take place the forthcoming 12th February, 2016, in the German city of Frankfurt. FRAMES has been awarded a winner distinction in the category of furniture, not an easy achievement for only the products that have been nominees by the organization can be submitted to the contest. The FRAMES armchair is definitely the best known element of the collection signed by Jaime Hayon, one of the most renowned Spanish creative minds in the world stage of contemporary design. A new chapter, an old story Serendipity was the hand behind the quill. It gathered designer and brand and enlisted both in this venture project involving just one component. Skin and bones, all made of rattan, a radically modern material yet handcrafted according to a long standing tradition. There is nothing more you should need. Tradition and innovation melt into a new approach making outdoor furniture become a hybrid which penetrates and blends perfectly into indoor spaces. FRAMES writes a new chapter for an old story: that ancient tale of craftsmanship and tradition, but within a new framework which deals with the material from the cheerful and insouciant perspective Hayon embodies so convincingly. Introduced to society during the International Furniture Fair of Milan in 2014, it captured from the very beginning the attention of both media and general public. Today, thanks to its charm –a mélange of rusticity and temperate elegance– and to its plain but sophisticated aesthetics is poised to become a contemporary classic as proven by this first prize. Information & images by courtesy of Expormim Read more news related Expormim published at Infurma Read more news related Jaime Hayon published at Infurma Read more news related German Design Award published at Infurma Visit the Expormim website
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