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Frames by Jaime Hayón and Käbu by Javier Pastor, Expormim top novelties at iSaloni 2014

Spanish indoor & outdoor furniture company, Expormim, presents at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 in Milan, from 8 to 13 April, its new proposals, featuring the Frames collection, designed by Jaime Hayon, and Käbu, designed by Javier Pastor. Frames, seductive Mediterranean tradition told by Jaime Hayon Read more news realted Jaime Hayon published at Infurma A new paragraph narrated in the story of Expormim through Jaime Hayon’s vision leads to a new collection. The first story is the contemporary perception of the author about the identity of a manufacturer of his country that exudes Mediterranean flavour. Inside, other stories are framed: those that evoke the memory with the touch of rattan and detail of his twisted, and that lead us to recall “La Exportadora de Mimbre” of the sixties, when furniture was created to complete the attractive terraces of the Mediterranean, and its tourist explosion. Although the real story is the encounter between the designer and the company, being mutual fans who have shown respect to the Mediterranean craft tradition through their work. The main set of the FRAMES collection includes an armchair, a room divider and a side table. In order to manufacture them, skilled craftsmen select the rattan rods with special attention, curve them with heat, explore all its features to create, and manually introduce them into the moulds. But while the classic use of rattan includes multiple diameters and abundant links, Hayon creates a formula to compose the pieces of FRAMES that simplifies and organizes the structures. Each screen of wicker frames a classic braiding that evokes the past, but the whole takes the sinuous forms characteristic of the designer and his illustrations. Jaime Hayon takes advantage of the continuity that these fibres are able to provide to follow the line of his drawings, while other materials would have required assembly. The curved and organic frameworks compose both the room divider and the chair, providing warmth and comfort thanks to the flexibility of the fibres. With this story made of rattan frames, Hayon creates a new sophistication for a classic of the Mediterranean imagery that allows to bring the rustic charm to the interiors: the seduction of living the summer all year round. Photographer: Klunderbie Käbu, singularity of a job well done Expormim presents Käbu (curve in Japanese). With this name, Javier Pastor, teacher at UPV and industrial designer, emphasizes the conceptual design process of the new outdoor collection of the Valencian company. “The light structure is dressed with a technical fabric that becomes skin and wrap. The curvature generated as a result of the fabric tension on the structure highlights the desire for a lightweight, upholstered frame. An upholstery that avoids excessive prominence”. The lightness is pursued through two versions, Batyline Senso® and 3D Mesh finish (this last one is a highly resistant and durable technical fabric formulated exclusively for Expormim. The main contribution of the 3D Mesh is its great ventilation capacity. Two colors can be chosen to dress the structure: Brown-Taupe and Black-Black). To develop the collection, Javier Pastor has aimed for two challenges: to convey a sensual and essential memory, the enjoyment of outdoor life characterized by the sun, the breeze, and the water, and a perfect adaptability to different contemporary architectural environments. For the designer, and without any doubt, memory is a great registry not to be renounced.

Batyline® Senso version

3D Mesh finish version

Information and images by courtesy of Expormim Read more news related Expormim published at Infurma Visit the Expormim website
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