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Feria Habitat Valencia and RED (meeting of design companies) have signed a strategic alliance to promote the design ‘made in Spain’

Feria Valencia and RED Group (meeting of design companies) have signed a strategic alliance to promote the design 'made in Spain' in the next edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia, which will be held February 9th to the 13th. The agreement will allow this association - which brings together major Spanish design companies and vanguard - promoting the participation of partners in design pavilion Feria Hábitat Valencia 2015 as well as active participation in the cultural content and dynamism that is based on the event.

RED is a platform formed by producers and editor companies in the sector Hábitat design that promotes the values of good design created in Spain through its brands and products. RED is an active member of the Spanish employers' organization Federhábitat, has an entity approved by the ICEX and currently has a membership of about 50 Spanish brands of the Hábitat sector, leaders in their segments, such as Actiu, Andreu World, BD, Cosentino, Enea, Estiluz, Joquer, Lladró, Luzifer, Marset, Mobles 114, Treku, Punt, Sancal, Viccarbe or Vondom. The collaboration of RED in the next edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia strengthens the positioning of the event as a meeting point for the best companies of Hábitat and gives the design space Hábitat 2015 a greater qualitative content.  Director of the event, Máximo Solaz, explains,” Without a doubt, it is not only a key strategic alliance to Feria Hábitat Valencia but, we believe, for the entire Spanish design. Our brands need a national fair of reference and internationally orientated and Hábitat is the adequate space for this”.

Meanwhile, Juan Mellen, Director of RED, "Feria Hábitat Valencia is not reinvented, but retried and aspires to be one of those areas who offers and shares relevant proposals and target audiences, therefore be a 'partner' national key to getting the 'networking' seeking our design brands created in Spain" In his opinion, "one of the most important values of RED is to maximize the value of design and innovation by exchanging ideas and information in a dynamic way, not only by uniting the strengths of our brands, but also the allies who we are adding to our platform. We believe it puts the creation value and gives up the opportunity to tangibly put our ideas and inform prescribers, opinion leaders and potential customers, are where we will always find.

Next to Cevisama and new Maderalia Selección fair Feria Hábitat Valencia will be held February 9th to the 13th at Feria Valencia and next to Cevisama, the International Salon of ceramics for architecture, bathroom equipment, natural stone, raw materials, enamels, ceramic colours, and machinery (even years), and, as new, Maderalia Selección new fair. This is an event that comes from the experience of Fimma – Maderalia biennial and meet a selection of 'premium' brands of materials, finishing, technology and solutions for architecture, interior design and decoration, alongside an Innovation and Trends Congress. This three events have reissued for the second consecutive year, the 'See you in Valencia' initiative, which also includes holding a full agenda of activities around the world of Interior design, architecture and design. Source: Feria Valencia Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Read more news related RED published at Infurma
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