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Fendi Casa presents the Contemporary Collection. A new aesthetic dimension

“Fendi Casa Contemporary” represents an invitation to a journey, an ideal point on the horizon for a new visual symbolism for a redefinition of luxury. The new “Fendi Casa Contemporary” campaign is located in a modern villa bordering on the deserts of Morocco. It is characterised by an atmosphere impregnating all the elements with a warm and transcendent light and creating a new aesthetic dimension, eternally suspended between rationality and contemplation. It’s here - in a minimalistic architectural setting - that leathers and fabrics go back to a primordial state of their sober matter with the colour tones that specifically connect to cuoio, lava and earth. A perfect combination between origins and modernity. Club House Italia is the company that manufactures and distributes the Fendi Casa products under license. Source: Club House Italia Visit the Luxury Living website
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