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FederlegnoArredo signs on for the big event dedicated to architecture and design in 2016, the XXI Triennale Internazionale

Milan is getting ready for the big event dedicated to architecture and design which, throughout the coming year, will conceptually continue the process begun by Expo 2015. FederlegnoArredo actively supports and collaborates with the XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016. President Snaidero: “We’re proud to be the first to sign on”.

At the recent 2015 general assembly, FederlegnoArredo announced its participation in the XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016 organized by the Triennale di Milano, which will be held in Milan from 2 April to 12 September 2016. Continuing the path undertaken with the World’s Fair, Milan confirms its status as an international metropolis, capable of making the most of its talents and receptive to ideas and stimuli from all over the world. Participation in the XXI Triennale consolidates FederlegnoArredo’s preeminent role in the Italian home furnishing system, and as a driving force of the Sistema Italia, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Triennale di Milano and Confindustria. «The Italian government – states Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, - has strongly supported the candidacy of the Triennale di Milano to host the XXI International Exhibition, and the Farnesina is strongly committed to the promotion of Made in Italy, not only through economic contributions but through the involvement of the diplomatic and consular network. Design is a synthesis of business, technology and culture, areas in which Italy excels thanks to a top notch system of businesses that provides an important contribution to the growth of our exports and, by extension, to maintaining our jobs». Just a few days before the Salone del Mobile di Milano (12-17 April 2016), a major event respected worldwide for its excellence and innovation, the XXI Triennale will present “21st Century, Design after Design”, an event that will shine a spotlight on the growing importance of design as a competitive factor in global scenarios, and on the urgency of rapid transformations and innovations in the production system. As part of the event, FederlegnoArredo will organize an international exhibition on the theme of "The new Italian domestic landscape", in keeping with the concept of the Esposizione Internazionale. «Being the first to announce our participation in this great event is a source of pride for me – says FederlegnoArredo president Roberto SnaideroFor more than 50 years the Salone del Mobile di Milano has given us a history rich in passion, enterprise, innovation and design. A history that inseparably intertwines the entrepreneurial ability of the Italian wood furnishing sector with the energy and creativity of Milan. A history that also demonstrates its receptiveness to design ideas and stimuli from all over the world».

The relationship between the city and design is quickly shifting towards a model in which the metropolis and its collective knowledge become the center of design and relationships. The design of the 21st century is increasingly emerging as a transverse phenomenon capable of generating new disciplinary boundaries between architecture, urban planning, design, landscape, communication and visual arts. «We’re grateful to FederlegnoArredo, which represents the great furniture system and organizes the Salone del Mobile and MADE expo, two fundamental events for Milan, for having chosen to support the efforts of the Triennale di Milano, which in 2016 will retake the reins of the International Exhibition – explains Claudio De Albertis, President of the Triennale di Milano. We hope that the example of FederlegnoArredo will be followed by other supporters, since the Italian project has achieved such stature in the world precisely because it has been able to combine forces with business. So this is a big step today, and we will work even harder for the best organization of the 2016 event». The XXI Triennale promises to be an exciting new opportunity for Milan to showcase its creative power and receptiveness to change. «I am very pleased that FederlegnoArredo is the first Confindustria member to announce its participation in the XXI Triennale Internazionale, – underscores Confindustria president Giorgio Squinzi. In recent years the design, architecture and construction system represented by FederlegnoArredo has provided us with a positive model of how to deal with the crisis by focusing mainly on innovation and sustainable growth. Take MADE expo, for example, closer to my own purview, which over the years has established itself as a reference point for the design and construction of the future». Source: FederlegnoArredo Read more news related FederlegnoArredo published at Infurma Visit the FederlegnoArredo website Visit the XXI Triennale International Exhibition website
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